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For lightweight constructions, a structure-borne noise detection system based on a piezoelectric microphone cable ideal. The working principle of the sensor cable guarantees high sensitivity in Combination with a wide frequency spectrum. The system is particularly suitable for monitoring of mesh, steel mesh and the like.

for monitoring wire mesh fences, lighter fences and all constructions that conduct structure-borne noise.


  • Power supply

    • 12-48VDC (max. 6W)


    • 1x RS-485 galvanized isolated
    • 1 x USB


    • Multiprocessor system with digital signal fi ltering

    Sensor connections

    • 2 or 4 channels

    Relay outputs

    • 8x changeover contacts with a maximum load of 0.6A


    • 8x monitored inputs

    Other outputs

    • 1x audio output controllable via software
    • 1x mini speaker for audio or as an alarm beeper

    Plug-in modules

    • 2x modules with 2 channels each

    Sensor cable length MC2A

    • 200m per channel

    Number of sensors per system

    • max 64


    • (HxWxD) 50mm x 160mm x 100mm

    Working temperature

    • -35°C to 85°C


    • Module housing for DIN standard rail
    • Die-cast aluminum (HxWxD) 170 mm x 200 mm x 90 mm
    • or 19" module
    • or housing on customer request
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