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The surge protector ÜSS04 was developed as a combined surge protection module to safeguard RS485 data lines and DC supply lines. A coarse and medium protection is integrated in the module for both the RS485 data line and the DC supply line. A current-compensated choke is also included for the DC side.

Surge protector

  • General data:
    Working temperature: -40Cº to + 80Cº
    MTBF: > 40000h
    MTBR: < 10 min
    Lightning protection zone: 1
    Housing: ABS for standard rail mounting
    Degree of protection: IP20
    Dimensions: 90mmx35mmx32mm
    Weight: about 110g
    mech. Connections: Screw terminals for 0.2 to 2.5mm2 (AWG 24-14)
    Connections: 1 RS485 input
    1 RS485 output
    Shield of the data line
    1 +/- DC voltage input
    1 +/- DC voltage output
    1 PE
    1 PE
    Operating modes: passive surge protection


    Electrical data:
    For transmission rates: >500 kBits/sec.
    Contact resistance: 4.2 ohms per line
    Leakage current (8/20us): 5kA discharge surge current
    5A leakage alternating current
    Arrester rated voltage: 12 V DC Uc (core-earth)
    Output voltage limitation spike: <12V (wire-wire at 1kV/us)
    Static output voltage limitation: <12V (wire-wire at 1kV/us)
    Static output voltage limitation: <12V (core-Gnd at 1kV/us)
    Residual voltage at In: <12V (wire-wire and wire-gnd)
    Protection level: <12V (wire-wire and wire-gnd)
    Response time: <5ns
    Cut-off frequency: 200kHz at 150 ohms
    Rated Current: 510mA

    DC supply path:
    Contact resistance: 5.2 ohms per line
    Inductance per path: 1.8mH

    RS485 path:
    Interface assignment: data A; data B; ground
    Interface description: RS485 half-duplex
    Voltage range DC input: >48VDC
    Termination per port: none
    For transmission rates: >500 kBits/sec.
    Contact resistance: 4 ohms per line
    Surge protection: 2.5kA discharge surge current
    2.5A leakage alternating current

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