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SYSCO manufactures high-performance products according to the highest quality standards. We have been offering our customers first-class service since 1989, helping them to achieve their goals. Our experience and commitment to outstanding performance make us a reliable partner in the security industry.



Our products work securely and reliably in their designed applications and working specifications. Since there is no "standard object"to secure, we design and calibrate an individual solution for your specific needs.



We are interested in providing more than just devices, we deliver a complete solution and the support needed to realise the project. Only a tailored and thought-out concept guarantees a secure facilty, and thus our clients' satisfaciton. We help create a detailed security concept, carry out the project and assist in on-site installation. If needed, we are willing to develop custom solutions for our clients.



Our products and systems comply with the latest software and hardware requirements. SYSCO and our products grow thanks to comprehensive interactions with our system parters and clients. We keep in touch with our clients to swiftly react to changes in system requirements.

Members' Area

As a client, you can have access to more information about our products, as well as software updates, quickly and comfortably through our Members' Area.

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