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About us


As a medium-sized company, we have been developing specialized electronic equipment since 1989 to offer our customers the best possible system solution. Our service begins with comprehensive consulting and continues through the development of an individual concept through to project implementation.


By manufacturing the assemblies in-house, we can respond flexibly and efficiently to the requirements of the respective project. We constantly exchange experiences with planners and users worldwide. The latest technologies and specific customer requirements lead to innovative security products.

We secure: chemical facilities, electronic facilities, food producers, logistics centers, airports, air traffic control, solar energy facilities, oil companies, forensic clinics, judicial centres, ports, military facilities, police facilities, telecommunications facilities, nuclear facilities, embassies, banks, European government institutions and European royal houses.

Our Team



Sysco Sicherheitssysteme GmbH

Rainer Grimm

Birkenweiher Straße 14

63505 Langenselbold, DE

Tel:  (+49) 618 4801 9000

Fax: (+49) 618 4801 9060

SYSCO International

Phil Mann

16 Darwen Close

PR3 3TP Longride Preston, GB

Tel & Fax: (+44) 177 278 2572

AVISEC Aviation Security

Han Jennsiskens

Hazeldonkse Zandweg 105a
4762 PA  Zevenbergen NL

Tel:  (+31) 76 522 0447

Fax: (+31) 76 522 2669

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