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As well as direct interfaces to external systems,

in the majority of projects IO modules are still

required for control functions and the intake of

external signals.

These can be seamlessly integrated into the system

architecture. Depending on the requirement, various

module confi gurations are available. Every module

is controlled via an RS 485 interface through a selfmonitoring

data protocol.


  • Power supply

    • 10 to 48VDC < 5W


    • 1x RS 485 galvanically isolated
    • 1 x USB

    Monitored inputs

    • nominal 2200 Ohm (adjustable via software)

    Relay contacts

    • Changeover contacts max. load 0.6A

    Working temperature

    • -40 to 85ºC


    • 160x100mm


    • Module housing for standard rail
    • or according to customer requirements
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