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The NEOPOINT pro is a powerful sensor for monitoring a wide variety of mediums. The sensors can add and edit functions in the form of alarm types at any time. The NEO POINT pro enables the unique implementation of redundant systems.

Application :
For monitoring fences, walls, window bars, roofs and other mediums.
• Full expandable sensor functionality
• Can be installed concealed or visible


The NEO POINT lite serves as an effective acceleration or structure-borne sound sensor for monitoring light mediums such as chain link fences. By using a single alarm type, the configuration and parameterization is even easier and faster.


For monitoring light mediums such as chain link fences.
• Pure structure-borne sound sensor
• Easy installation


The NEO IO serves as a combination module in or near gates to monitor four potential-free external contacts (e.g. bolt contacts, light barriers, etc.) and has two switching outputs. The NEO IO also has the full sensor functionality of a NEO POINT.

Application :
Extended sensor element for additional monitoring of external contacts, e.g. gates.



    • Detection of structure-borne noise, dynamic inclination and position
    • Digital signal processing and filtering
    • Can be installed concealed or open
    • Software update possible via download
    • Addressable on the bus system
    • With 6 alarm types
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