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NEOSURGE describes the surge protection developed in 2020 for the NEOLINE. A NEOSURGE module contains two identical boards for one sensor line each. A special circuit board was developed to protect the system bus line to the sensors, consisting of a coarse and fine protection for all external lines going out of the building. In module housings for mounting in the 19" cabinet of the signaling system on a standard rail. One NEOSURGE is sufficent for two strands NEOSUPPLY.


  • Working temperature:

    • -40C° to + 80C°


    • > 40000h


    • < 10 mins

    Lightning protection zone:

    • 1


    • ABS for standard rail mounting

    Degree of protection:

    • IP00


    • 125mmx80mmx45mm H/W/D


    • about 110g

    mech. Connections:

    • Spring-loaded terminals for coax inner conductor, clamps for coax shield and M3 screw connection for cable lugs (eyelet)


    • 2x NEOBus input and output
    • 2x PE (>2.5²mm recommended)

    Operating modes:

    • passive surge protection
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