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SENSE CONTROL represents the universal administration and visualization software of the latest generation of the systems from SYSCO. The software is primarily used for the parameterization and visualization of our detection systems.

Functionality: The current system states are visualized, parameters are set and inputs and outputs are linked in a comfortable graphical user interface. At the same time, the program can be used with various third-party systems for the purpose of forwarding messages or receiving control commands. A large number of usable software protocols and an OPC server are available for this via various interfaces.

All system components are displayed in a graphic array and the operating states are clearly visualized. Floor plans can also be integrated in order to obtain an optimal system overview. Together with audio signaling, this type of display can also be used as an alarm display for security guards.

A database system with extensive functions for the statistical evaluation of the events that have occurred is available. In addition, all system events as well as all operating processes are seamlessly recorded, so that any change in the configuration can be traced.


  • • Easy to use parametrisation software

    • Display system with graphical installation presentation

    • Intuitive operation

    • Multi-user support

    • Integrated database system

    • Complete event and operating history

    • Software interfaces to a wide range of external systems

  • Operating system

    • Windows operating systems such as Windows 7, 8 and 10 (Pro) with at least 500MB free hard disk space

    Optimal screen resolution

    • at least 1280×768 pixels

    Hardware requirements

    • USB2.0
    • Ethernet port
    • 1GB RAM
    • 1GHz Intel i3 processor (min.)

    Optimized for

    • OpenGL graphics card 2.0
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